Business model

CI3 specializes in both independent plant set-up projects and providing an industrial incubator platform for international small and mid-scale manufacturers, where all the operations are managed by CI3’s professional team.

Independent Plant Set-up

Overseas SMEs that wish to set-up and operate their own Independent Facility in Changzhou can also benefit from our complete Plant Set-up Solution:
  • Conduct site search and selection in Changzhou / WEZ.
  • Negotiate and secure local government incentives and possible soft loans.
  • Assist in preparing building specifications, design & layout drawings.
  • Obtain necessary permits and approvals from local government bureaus.
  • Manage (sub)contractors and suppliers.
  • Supervise (building) site and monitor (construction) schedule.
  • Manage procurement and purchasing of materials.
  • Supervise installation of production equipment and machinery.

CI3 Industrial Incubator

For international manufacturing companies, the CI3 industrial incubator provides the platform (see below picture) to support production and assembly from all operational aspects. This allows for the company’s local employees (found and recruited by CI3) to focus on areas: onsite production, Quality Control, and packing. The general management of the production site is a joint effort between client’s overseas HQ and CI3 team.

The Industrial Incubator platform can support overseas SMEs to set up business entities and to carry out the on-going operation management in the shared incubator.
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