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Case Study 1

Tuttnauer – a family owned Israeli company, producing medical disinfection and sterilization products
Main Challenges: Cost reduction to cope with local competition, overcome CFDA barriers
Solution: Within 6 months, the CI3 management team set up the Tuttnauer China factory in CI3 facilities. With a team of three trained employees Tuttnauer could begin selling to the Chinese market at a reduced cost, with units that meet the local CFDA requirements.


Case Study 2

Lytron – family owned company, Massachusetts, USA. Liquid cooling solutions for medical equipment.
Main Challenges: GE Medical Systems, their major client, insisted that Lytron provide units and technical support directly in China.
Solution: Within 3 months, the CI3 management team  set up the Lytron China factory in CI3 facilities, occupying 800 sqm. With a team of two trained employees and the support of CI3, Lytron was able to get the approval of GE that the factory meets their strict standards.

Case Study 3

Lycored – HQ in UK, subsidiary of Machteshim Agan, Israel’s biggest chemical company.  Nutritional ingredients for dietary supplementation, food fortification, colouring and flavour enhancement.
Main Challenge: Nestle demanded that Lycored be able to provide ingredients for Kellogg’s to their China plant.
Solution: Within 6 months a full scale copy of the UK factory was designed and built with the management and supervision of CI3 with great support from the Wujin Economic Zone.