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Israeli Consul General in Shanghai Visits CI3 Incubator  

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2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Israel. Thus, it was only fitting that on the 19th of October of this year the Consul General of Israel in Shanghai, Dr. Eyal Propper, and the Mayor of Wujin District, Mr. Dai Shifu, made a joint visit to the CI3 Incubator—a quintessential example of Israeli and Chinese collaboration.

Their visit kicked off with a tour of the CI3 facilities, during which they saw the specific modifications that have been made for each of the businesses currently in residence at the incubator, including Taditel, Tuttnauer, and Heycafe. The tour was followed by a presentation of CI3 and how the incubator’s innovative concepts, business modules, and operation results are unique to its intentional design. Dr. Propper was extremely impressed, and expressed his opinion that CI3 plays an integral role of a springboard for Israeli manufacturing companies when initially starting their production within the Chinese market.

Dr. Propper shared his sincere desire to continue to promote cooperation between Israel and China. He hopes to continue to focus efforts on strengthening cooperations specifically in technological innovations, green energies, and higher education programs. He concluded his visit with his hopes that Israel and China could continue to work together to bring more technical cooperation and projects from Israel to China.

CI3 is an excellent resource in this initiative, as it  works together with companies in high-end, small scale manufacturing that need a quick, secure, and cost effective industrial platform in China. With CI3, the possibilities to expand upon the Israel-China partnership are seemingly endless.

Touring the Facilities

Touring the Facilities

2017年10月19日,以色列驻上海总领事Eyal Propper博士和武进区区长戴士福访问了CI3孵化器。

他们参观了CI3孵化器以及入住孵化器的Taditel,Tuttnauer和Heycafe项目。在CI3孵化器介绍其创新概念,业务模块和每个项目的运营成果后,Eyal Propper博士感到非常惊讶,他认为CI3发挥了非常好的桥梁作用,为以色列制造企业在中国投产和进军中国市场提供了大力支持。

Eyal Propper博士还表达了促进以色列与中国合作的强烈愿望。他表示要尽全力加强科技创新,绿色能源和高等教育领域的合作。今年是中国与以色列建交25周年。他希望双方密切合作,为以色列的更多项目和技术合作带来更多的机会。



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